Born in Santa Luzia, Caribbean... Narger Joseph comes to tell us a little about his journey and his experiences, let's start. 

Narger's talk begins by demonstrating his obsession for technology, that from an early age he was involved in this field, entering a school specializing in new technologies, followed by working in robotics, later he enters the army with state entities, such as the U.S. Department of Defense, becoming a contractor for different agencies of the U.S. Government.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems, Websites, Web Applications, Mobile Applications and all Information Technology (IT), against viruses, ransomware, theft, damage to computer systems and loss of money due to cyber attacks. When you pay with a credit card or when we open applications on our mobile device, day to day actions that encompass cybersecurity. 

How much do cyberattacks cost U.S. companies?

  • 200,000 per attack on average, putting many companies out of business, even bankrupting them. 
  •  4.35 million: Data breaches: If you are a person who stores or archives customer information in banks or companies such as Facebook, if one of these ransomware, enters your company and steals your data, it will damage your business credibility and you will lose the chance of them wanting to do business with you. In this issue, it is not only about protecting your business information, but also about protecting your customers' information. 
  • 1.40 million: Web-based cyber-attacks: An entity or unscrupulous persons (hackers), enter your website, trying to hack it and taking it over, it can be a web page, application or platform.
  •  1.10 million: Insider Threat: This is when someone from your organization causes an insecurity problem within your company, a more frequent example is Phishing, which is usually through an e-mail or a message to the cell phone, where they redirect a link to a fake page that pretends to be the legitimate bank's, causing an insider threat.
  • Cybercrime worldwide in 2021 reached nearly $6 trillion, with South America, Africa and smaller countries in Europe as these attacks have increased greatly. 

As IT professionals it is paramount to protect your data, your assets and your company's information, protect your company, protect yourself and protect your entire environment from cyber-attacks. 

Protect your business against cyber-attacks, one of the best ways to protect your business in this growing digital world is through.:

Good Cybersecurity Practices: 

  • Web and application security
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Continuous Monitoring and Safety Operations
  • Vulnerability scanning and system hardening: Is that your computer or your system is protected, including your applications, strengthened and robust.
  •  Protection against internal threats: Normally people do not intend to harm the company, it is usually accidental, an example could be that we want to charge our cell phone and I use the cable that had my company's information, download music, messages, emails, unscrupulous, malicious people are hiding behind all these multimedia files.
  • Security compliance: This means that you have a team that ensures that your entire digital environment meets the best industry requirements. 

Security engineers or people in the ICT industry don't think about cybersecurity.

In business as in Star Wars, the force has to be balanced, those who do cybersecurity, engineers, Software developers, Developers, are artists and need a balance in the art. 

Finally, we are proud to create a Joint venture and Signing of the LSV TECH Alliance.

with Narger's company in the United States, Digital Cyber Force, LLC (DSF), which will strengthen the systems and digital environments of the region, the country and Latin America, strengthening this technological frontier, supporting us in the challenges that lie ahead for each organization. To continue to generate quality jobs and minimize the large digital gaps we have. 

We are proud to share with you our recent Joint Venture with the company of one of our U.S. Partners, Narger Joseph, which will strengthen the systems and digital environments of LSV and its customers, supporting us in the challenges ahead. 

of the Region, the country and Latin America, strengthening this technological frontier, supporting us in the challenges that lie ahead for each organization. To continue generating quality jobs and to minimize the large digital gaps we have.