On the 20th of May we received a pleasant visit in our office in Cartagena by several students, who are in their first semester of systems engineering at Unitecnar, with the objective of getting to know their talents and how we work in LSV, the new technologies and how we use and implement them in each of our processes.

The visit was aimed at providing new experiences for these young people to learn how we implement technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and augmented reality. Where each one could have a moment to get away from reality and take advantage of these technologies, being the augmented reality the protagonist, as most of them had not had the opportunity to visualize with their own eyes how it really was, since they only had in mind what they had ever seen in social networks, how these people interact simply with the device in their eyes. 

Our human talent received them in such a way that they could know each area and each process in detail, along with our developers could go into what they at some point in that they ever thought or wanted to focus, there were topics that they already knew and others who were waiting to learn, visualizing themselves in a few years as future developers. The door is always open to them at LSV TECH, where they can make their dreams come true and move forward with their professional career.